Vinnie Carlucci

by Max Corteggiano December 10, 2019 As a new player in the game, you will fall for specific traps! I began my Jiu-Jitsu journey in 2011, and during my first couple of years, I felt for those traps, like everybody else. Rejoice! There are ways to work around them! THE […]

The White Belt Traps

by Max Corteggiano November 11, 2019 Imagine having John Danaher watching you train day in and day out, analyzing your game, and telling you what to do to improve. You will agree with me that your game would improve at a much higher rate than it is today. Unfortunately, most […]

How to Coach Yourself

by Max Corteggiano November 03, 2019   Injury. As a Jiu-Jitsu player, this is one dreaded word. Despite our best efforts to stay healthy, every one of us has to deal with it during our journey. More than once! When an injury occurs, we have two solutions. We can wait, […]

How to Improve when Injured

by Max Corteggiano October 22, 2019   Training hard has been subject to many discussions. It is widely accepted that if you want to improve, you have to train hard. Strangely enough, and from my knowledge, we rarely hear about training smart. If I believe putting the time to improve […]

How to Train Smarter

by Max Corteggiano February 01, 2020   If you’re a blue belt, chances are you’ve heard, and maybe experiencing now, some form of the blue belt blues. You can find many articles about it, describing what this blues is. But from my experience, it isn’t easy to find practical information […]

How to Beat the Blue Belt Blues

by EtherealWinter “Sometimes a giant dude is just gonna grab your wrist, pin it to the floor, and Americana you. There will be nothing you can do.” u/RCAF_orwhatever’s coach This guide is given to every ultraheavy weight by their coach when they start BJJ… or at least should be… The […]

The Ultraheavy Guide to BJJ

Being a person of integrity means you are solid, principled, true to your very best self. It means you walk your talk by living up to your highest ethical values. It means you always try to do what is right even in tough situations, and you don’t let temptation compromise […]