Self-Study and BJJ Instructors Esteemed by TEAM CHOCO

Self-Study and BJJ Instructors Esteemed by TEAM CHOCO

By Jeff “Snowflake” Linzey

Part of TEAM CHOCO’s Charter identifies its historic and ongoing desire to provide training opportunities where there may otherwise be none.  Separately, others new in their BJJ Journey have asked what they can do outside of structured class to get better.  Lucky for those in either predicament, TEAM CHOCO competitors identified their favorite instructors whose videos or books they like to consume and their favorite competitors to watch.  The lists below provides a resource in the absence of others through which you can continue your training on your own time.  I highly recommend you reinforce anything and everything you encounter by vetting it through a coach or trusted instructor.
If you know whose videos you can trust, you can research moves/positions and look for stuff from credible instructors (meaning, look at the search results, do quick searches on Google for instructors about whom you know nothing, and/or vet the videos off of what you know, in discussion with teachers you trust, and what works on the mat).  There are lots of moves and positions out there, but your best bet is to stick with the basics.  You likely won’t go astray if you research things like:

  • How to pass closed guard
  • How to pass open guard
  • Side Control
  • Mount
  • Arm Bar
  • Kimura
  • Escape a Rear Naked Choke

The only place you might falter is if it’s somebody with bad habits, no concept of the moves and positions, or from entirely different martial arts.

Also, let it be known that the team site has a number of good videos on it.  Check those out before you venture off the deep end doing your own research.  With that said, here are the lists:

Favorite Instructors (Videos, Books, or In-Person):

Saulo Ribeiro
Marcelo Garcia
Eric Paulson
Dave Camarillo
André Galvão
BJ Penn
Demien Maia
Dean Lister (especially leg locks)
Rafael Lovato Jr.
Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti
Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza
Rafael “Feijão” Cavalcante
Roy Dean
Royler Gracie
Renzo Gracie (and all affiliates)
Pedro Sauer (*and affiliates)
Kit Dale
Márcio Feitosa
Ryan Hall (esp. older stuff)
Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro
Neil Melanson
Renato Teveres
Fabrício Werdum
Eduardo Telles
Randy Couture (wrestling, takedowns, control, and philosophy to fighting)
Eddy Bravo (and 10th Planet system)
Ari Bolden
Brandon Quick
The Valente Brothers
Leonardo Vieira
Masukazu Imanari
Koji Komuro
Genki Sudo
Igor Yakimov
Fabio Gurgel
Fernando “Tererê” Augusto


Favorite Fighters to Watch:

Any of the instructors mentioned above
Any match on Metamoris
Polaris Pro fights
BlackBelt Adult Absolute Finals (ADCC, Worlds, Pan, or Euros)
Jeff Glover
Renato “Babalu” Sobral
Miyao Brothers
Marcus “Buchecha” Almaeida
Keenan Cornelius
Leandro Lo
Rodolfo Viera
Matt Serra
Roger Gracie
Vinny Magalhaes
George Sotiropolis
Megaton Diaz
Mackenzie Dern
Givanildo “Giva” Santana
Or just about anyone on BJJ Heroes (

May your Jiu Jitsu journey be a long and enjoyable one, and may it be full of in-person instruction, training partners, and everything else associated with good Jits.

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